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Hot & Cold Cafe's STORY



Hot and Cold Café opened its doors on February 5, 2007. It was a dream finally realized by Uday Mukherjee to start his own restaurant with delicious food at an affordable price, exceptional service and experience. Timby (Uday’s wife) found that 205 9th St was available and felt that the 9th Street corridor was a great location for Uday’s restaurant. No other Mediterranean food was offered in Lynchburg at the time so Uday felt that he should incorporate the Lebanese cuisine with Indian fare, hence the Indian-Mediterranean Fusion concept. He became a great student of the previous owner and learned how to make the Mediterranean dishes we have today.



Uday has years of experience in catering, cooking and restaurant management. He is from Kolkata (once Calcutta) and has lived in Northern to Southern regions of India. You will see hints of all these areas in his cooking.

Why the name Hot and Cold? When someone is hungry or thirsty, they want food or drink that is either hot or cold in temperature.  We invite you to experience Lynchburg’s premier Indian-Mediterranean fusion restaurant, 

Hot and Cold Café.

It is our great pleasure to serve you!

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